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Italian Sausage Pizza

Italian Sausage Pizza

carb conscious, poultry




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Summers growing up in the country were priceless. My brother and I would play outside all day - literally sun up to sun down - and the only thing that would convince us to come inside was when my mom made us English Muffin pizzas. This old-school summer lunch "treat" has been given a modern, adult twist that I think you'll just love. These are absolutely delicious, and they'll take you right back to those timeless summer days as a kid. 

Andrea LeTard, recipe developer + author of Andrea's Cooktales

Fennel + red pepper flakes paired with house-turkey sausage makes the flavors explode on this crispy english muffin topped with mozzarella cheese, house-marinara + Italian seasonings. All your weekend cravings now tweaked for a healthy anytime meal! 

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