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Fresh And Healthy Meal Prep Delivery In Cordova TN


Cordova Healthy Prepared Meals: Dine-in, Grab-N-Go or Delivered To Your Door 

 healthy prepared meals

Ready-to-eat meals, turning your busy lifestyle into a healthy one.


Cordova Healthy Meal Delivery


 Whether you are pressed for time, or you simply want to live a healthier life; Soli is the place to grab all your favorite Southern staples without the guilt. From our gluten free Chicken Pot Pie to hearty Gumbo, you are sure to find a favorite. At Soli, we understand that shopping for organic meals and keeping on your diet is a very strenuous process.

The best part is, while preparing your meals, Soli chefs meticulously portion out every meal, thereby, making it easier for you to count calories right before you even read the labels on the back. This makes it easier to stick to your diet plan, giving you new favorite meals in one place where you can find them.


Soli meals are tailored to your dietary needs such as: 

✅ Low glycemic index

✅ High in healthy fats

✅ High Protein

✅ Vegan, Gluten Free


All Soli Locations come complete with:

✅ Fully Furnished Microwave bar

✅ Tables & Chairs

✅ Good Vibes 


Healthy Meal Delivery in Cordova


Are you always in a rush to get the best of the best out of your everyday lunch schedule? Are you sick and tired of having to eat the same old iceberg lettuce salad with cold, store-bought tomatoes on top of it?

Every day, Soli chefs meticulously portion out every meal into convenient grab-and-go containers, thereby making it easier for even the busiest of folks to count their calories grabbing their lunch right before the breakfast rush starts.

In the mood for a chicken Caesar side salad right before lunch? No problem! How about a slice of turkey lasagna? Lean, light, and most certainly, a delight, Soli meals are made in small batches daily, enabling you to buy off of the counter without having to worry about a wait. Letting you maximize not only your lunch hour, but your savings as well.  Soli offers great discounts by offering pre-paid meal plans. By pre-paying for your meals, a $9.00 ala carte entree can be reduced to $7.00 with the savings of a weekly meal plan.

The best part of all are the ingredients used to make the foods have no artificial preservatives and ingredients that even your little baby sister can recognize. So even when you don't have time to consciously count your calories; at least you can trust that Soli cares very much about your diet. Just be sure to grab whatever it is that you need ahead of time right before it's gone. Walk in anytime no appointment necessary. 


Healthy Meals Delivered To Cordova, Tennessee


While most meal prep delivery services deliver freshly prepared meals with lots of preservatives and filler carbs, Soli however does not. Made fresh to order within 48 hours or less, Soli provides healthy prepared meals to residents in the Mid South area depending on their dietary preferences.  Whether you prefer a bowl of fresh, vegan, roasted tomato garlic pasta or some gluten free almond butter nut cups, Soli offers all of the different types of meals that can be delivered right to your doorstep. They even offer diet specific catering services, especially for those on low carb, paleo diet, as well as many other diets.

No membership. No subscription. No strings attached.




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