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I was consistently inconsistent with eating healthy until Soli.

Posted by Shannon Leeke on

Hey busy humans: Hands up if you’re sick of the ups and downs of trying to eat healthy? Yeah, me too. Most restaurants pack loads of calories into one serving meals, and the healthy options are never what you really want. I love going out to eat, but with the limited availability of healthy options, I usually skip it to make something at home instead. But then, thinking of something to cook at home is time consuming. The researching of new meal ideas, the shopping, the chopping – the entire process takes a large amount of effort. So I end up sticking to the same old easy recipes like tacos or grilled chicken and let’s be serious, it gets old quick and I give in, “ok let’s go out to eat!” That was until I came across Soli’s grab and go meals that are delivered right to your door.

While I have heard about meal-kits before, I’ve looked into them, and yes I would save time by having the recipe picked out for me and the ingredients delivered to my door, but I still have to COOK? Eh. And I would be spending double for what I could go to the store and purchase myself. So there were some obvious pros and cons to that option.

I was intrigued with Soli because each meal was individually portioned and fully cooked ready to heat up and eat in 2 minutes tops. Beyond that, I could pick out breakfast and snack options too. So essentially, I could have my entire day covered, not just dinner? That would make the price more beneficial if I don’t even have to step foot in a grocery store. Or cook ANY of my meals for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong. I was skeptical, there had to be a catch. The portion sizes, the freshness, and do the meals actually taste good? I love healthy food but I also like to be full and enjoy every bite of my meal. Like when I eat the Cool Wrap from Chik fil A. So satisfying. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the portions were just right. And I was able to shop à la carte so I wasn’t locked into a certain number of meals. I also didn’t have to sign up for a membership to receive their meals weekly because, hello, this is my first time, I don’t want to be locked in (now or ever!)

The first meal I tried, breakfast, was better than any healthy breakfast I have thrown together. It was the Blueberry Stack Pack. OMG. It tasted like Blueberry French Toast with hints of cinnamon, sliced almonds and fresh blueberries that burst with flavor. Sold. Is it snack time yet?

I aim to eat 5 times a day to maximize my metabolism and keep my energy levels up. Most of the snacks were ready to eat cold. I had the Smoked Sausage & Cheese Plate and literally thought I was sitting at Rendezvous in downtown Memphis. Minus everything being covered in BBQ sauce and extra seasonings – I like to save that “extra” stuff for the weekends anyway. For lunch was Turkey Lasagna, which was better than my momma’s (sorry, Mom!) and it was only 330 calories. I could barely finish it but was so happy to see it loaded with some secret healthy ingredients – squash & zucchini. I could go on, but I think you are getting the point. 

I did zero shopping, chopping or cooking. Unless you consider popping breakfast, lunch and dinner in the microwave for 2 minutes cooking. While I truly love to cook, I think all my fellow healthy eaters can agree on the fact that our lifestyle choices make cooking delicious, creative meals a bit more difficult. There is so much thought process that goes into each and every meal. You can’t just pop into any restaurant or fast food spot and find something that will match up with your eating habits.

With Soli, I not only get everything I need for the week delivered right to my door, but I’m super excited because I get to try new meals every time. Each week they create a new recipe so the menu is continuously changing and keeping my healthy taste buds engaged.

If you want to check it out, they are offering 1/2 off your 1st online order with code: liveyourbest. Or click here to learn more!