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How To Start Eating Healthy On A Budget For Newly Married Couples

Posted by Shannon Leeke on


Okay, so your big wedding is over, and you are still recovering from the expenses and indulging in a 7-course meal, including wedding cake and champagne. Now what? Well here at Soli, we came up with some healthy meal prep ideas to help you and your future spouse shed off those extra pounds and save a few extra dollars after your big wedding day. This way, when you look back at your old wedding photos, you won’t regret anything. There are plenty of ways to start a marriage off right, and we put together a few ways to do so.

Grow Your Own Victory Spice Garden

Growing your herbs and spices is a great way to give you and your new spouse a fun, ongoing project to add that extra “spice” to your marriage. Not only do they help you add extra flavor to all your dishes without adding too much msg or calories to your meals, they also act as natural air fresheners so that when the time comes for your new relatives to visit, they will be greeted by the fresh smell of pretty herbs as opposed to synthetic chemicals that might harm your pet(s) in the process.

Fresh herbs recently harvested taste so much better than you can find in the store because the longer they sit on the shelf, the more they lose their potency and flavor. Speaking of which, did you know that most herbs such as Oregano or Tarragon have a history/culture in bringing lovers together? This is why herbs are a simple way to start your marriage off in the best way.

Okay, but what if you never grew a spice garden before?

With a little bit of time, patience, and teamwork, you will have a thriving spice garden in no time! Given that herbs (generally) grow in any area that has direct sunlight and a consistent temperature, it's rather easy to have a successful herb growing project. As long as you have a container to grow your herbs in and the living situation to accommodate growing a spice garden, you are all set.

For instance, let’s take our good friend, Oregano, here. Given that it’s tiny and it can grow in a southern climate, it is a great starter plant for those who are not too familiar with planting herbs. It can also be expanded to accommodate an additional variety of herbs so when the time comes for you and your significant other to decide what you want to be paired with your favorite source of protein, you guys would already have something on hand.

Without further ado, here are a few tips for growing Oregano indoors:

-Place the plants on the windowsill where you can open the window for direct sunlight. ( Light coming through glass can warm the herbs too much resulting in suboptimal growing conditions.)
-The best temperatures to grow oregano indoors are between the range of 65 -70 F. (18-21 C.) in the day and 55-60 F. (13-16 C.) degrees at night.
-Make sure that the rootball is buried, but not the main stems.
-Have the soil dry out between waterings. Make sure that you fertilize the oregano every two weeks.

By the way, bay leaves, marjoram, sage and thyme all have similar water and sun requirements and can be used to expand your herb garden once you have gotten the hang of growing oregano.

As you can see herbs are great. So why waste your time and money on products that might harm you and your loved ones in the long run?

Order Some Healthy Prepared Meals Ahead Of Time

Though probably not the cheapest method, at least you would get some good healthy meals ahead of time. So while you’re struggling to learn how to make your all-natural condiments, at least you would have some healthy meals under your belt.

Okay, so what kind(s) of healthy meals can you preorder ahead of time?

Basically, anything! As long as it pertains to your diet and it can be preserved for hours on end. If you want an example, feel free to check out the services that we offer on our site:

Freeze Your Leftover Fruits And Vegetables

The moment that they start to go bad, please, please PLEASE make good use of what you already have. After all, why waste $6 to $8 a day on too-good-to-be-true “detox drinks” when you already have the ingredients to make some yummy smoothies and soups sitting in the very bottom of your very own freezer locked in plastic Ziploc bags?

And speaking of kitchens, ever tried making fresh, homemade banana pancakes using close-to-being-brown bananas? They’re really tasty! :)

Utilize Your Leftovers!

And speaking of leftovers, don’t throw out whatever is left in your kitchen from last night. Use it! You never know as to what kind of crazy, delicious, healthy combinations that you can make.

Have some leftover beef broccoli that you’re trying to get rid of? Well before you toss that sucker out, be sure to make some leftover lettuce wrappers to go with it. Your wallet and stomach will thank you.


So tell us, fellow readers, what have you done to help save money and keep yourself healthy after your wedding day? Did you ever grow your own victory gardens growing up? What was the experience like? Don’t be afraid to tell us what your thoughts are in the comments.

After all, your lifelong days of marital bliss should be lifelong days of love and happiness. Why waste all of that precious time worrying about your weight (and expenses) when you should be spending more time getting to know and grow with your significant other?