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How to Eat Healthy With Take Out Food In Memphis

Posted by Shannon Leeke on

When you aren’t in the mood for cooking for the week, the most popular alternative is ordering take-out. While there are numerous delicious food delivery options, have you ever considered eating healthy with take-out? This activity seems a bit strange, but healthy eating doesn’t necessarily have to be done in your kitchen.

There are some ways that you can order take-out or opt for a to-go meal packs, while still receiving a variety of beneficial nutrients and calories.

In this article, you will learn some essential tips that will teach you how to conduct a healthy lifestyle, while ordering take-out. Also, you will receive some useful information on how you can choose the healthiest eating habits with each of your favorite take-out options.

Ordering Chinese Food?

Ordering Chinese food has been a popular take-out option for decades. Whether you are ordering prepared meals delivered to your door, or if you are purchasing delicious meals on the go, Chinese food is an everyday staple among Americans. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to order some healthy options from your local Chinese restaurant. If you are craving Chinese food, staying away from foods that have high fat and carbs will most likely be a better choice.
Steamed dumplings, soups, and steamed vegetables are some delicious options you can choose from that provide the best nutritional boost. Also, make sure you order brown rice instead of white rice so you can reap the benefits of a whole grain fiber boost. It is also a great idea to avoid heavy noodle-based dishes like lo-mein and meals with excess fried options. 

Do You Crave Pizza?

By all means, pizza is a nutritional food if it's prepared with the right ingredients. As you can imagine, you won't be giving yourself any benefit if you order a pizza with an incredible amount of meats and cheeses. Instead, try adding some delicious and healthy ingredients such as onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and kale to your pizza.

To give an additional health boost to your meal, choose thin crust instead of traditional crust. Though, if you are searching for a keto-alternative, you can call your favorite pizza place to inquire if they offer low-carb take-out.

You are welcome to add lean chicken toppings to your pizza if you possess a meat craving, but be careful of adding pepperoni and sausage toppings. Both of these toppings are filled with nitrates and preservatives, which isn't necessarily ideal for a healthy diet.

Thai Food is Also an Option

Thai food offers a unique blend of Asian cuisine and culture. If you are absolutely craving Thai food, there is an easy alternative to ordering the most healthy choices.

Before you make an order, always go for nutrient-dense vegetables. You can start by ordering a green papaya salad, which offers a plethora of Vitamin A and fiber. You can also enjoy veggie rolls wrapped in organic rice wraps, instead of choosing to have it fried. For your main entree, it would be more ideal to order veggie and fish based stir-fries.

As a rule of thumb, you should also avoid anything on the menu that is described as "crispy." Fried foods provide almost no positive health benefits, so you should eliminate this option if you wish to order Thai food.

Sushi Can Be Delicious and Healthy

If you are pregnant, sushi should be eliminated in your diet. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to forgo this delicious and healthy food option. Containing essential proteins and Vitamin A, sushi is one of the best foods in Memphis. Still, if you want to enjoy a healthy meal, here are something you should consider. To start your order, choose miso and edamame soup.

These soups are packed with proteins and will provide you with a nutritional appetizer before your main dish. When you are ordering sushi rolls, be careful not to order anything crunchy or tempura. The reason being is because crunchy rolls are usually fried and spicy rolls generally contain excess amounts of mayonnaise.

Avocado and veggie based sushi rolls is a perfect main course if you want to satisfy your diet. You can also elect to purchase hearty fish combos as well. If you are trying to find a favorite sushi place, there is a lot to choose from 

Spicy Indian Food is Still an Option

Indian food is indeed not for everyone. That's generally because Indian cuisines are usually spicy, much to the dismay of some diners. However, if you are a fan of Indian food, you will be excited to know that most Indian food options are right for you.

You have to be able to discern the types of foods you should eat and stay away from, and this isn't a difficult task. Filled naan and fried samosas are more so on the high-carb food options. Instead, try ordering lentil soup as your starter meal.

For your main meal, cream-based curries contain excess fat as opposed to the ones that are coconut milk based. Grilled chicken tikka, lean tandoori chicken, and spicy vegetable stews are amazing options you can choose to supplement your healthy diet as well. Hence, you can still enjoy spicy food without sacrificing any nutritional benefits.
Delicious Fajitas Anyone?

One popular benefit of Mexican food is that many delicious Mexican dishes offer a wide array of health benefits that can stimulate positive health and mental awareness. There are numerous Mexican dishes to choose from that come with large helpings of veggies, beans, and grains.

One of these entrees include fajitas, which does not have to be modified for you to enjoy a healthy meal. You can visit your local Mexican restaurant near you and order your favorite fajitas, but make sure that you request light sour cream and cheese.

Healthy Mexican take-out options also include salsas and guacamole. You can even order a delicious burrito, as long as you are going easy on the rice and cheese. Overall, ordering Mexican food is already a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. You should still be wary of eating excess cheese and fats to keep your cholesterol under control.

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be a chore. Therefore, Ordering healthy take-out options will put you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. For more information on the best meal delivery services in Memphis, TN, be sure to type in the keyword “healthy food delivery near me” in your search engine to receive a complete list of the best healthy food franchises.