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Top 6 Food Spots In Memphis That Serve Healthy Grab and Go

Posted by Shannon Leeke on

Are you looking to try an affordable, responsibly sourced, and convenient, healthy fast food place near you that also have options to deliver freshly prepared meals delivered to your door?

We did the hard work and found six different Memphis places where you can get all of these healthy fast food meals with options to either Dine-In, Grab and Go, or delivery. This list is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, bodybuilders, or anyone who wants to enjoy clean eating

1. Whole Foods- From quinoa sushi to gluten-free pizza slices, Whole Foods is a nice place to start if you want to join the world of clean, healthy eating. By serving a wide selection of freshly prepared meals throughout the day, Whole Foods is an excellent choice if you are in a hurry and want to be a little choosy. Whole Foods also takes measures to appeal to the local palate, thereby making it a perfect choice for those who want comfort without sacrificing taste.

2. Soli - Unlike most of the other Healthy Fast Food restaurants on our list, Soli specializes in affordable, clean eating by giving you flexible options to either order meal prep packs, Grab and Go, or have healthy prepared meals delivered to your door. Soli only serves with the best, quality, fresh ingredients and has proven to be a valid choice for getting your healthy prepared meals quickly. From its beautifully crafted lean chicken dinner to its creatively designed roasted tomato garlic pasta entree, Soli is ideal for  busy professionals, vegetarians, vegans, families, and bodybuilders alike.

3. Mama Gaia - Opened since 2016, this charming, quaint, little, modern Mediterranean style eatery is an excellent place for any vegetarians/vegans looking to get all of the fresh fillings that they need for the day. Mama Gaia serves some of the best, delicious, nutritious gyros in Memphis.

4. Ecco At Overton - Located just a few blocks away from the Rec Room, Ecco at Overton is an excellent place for you to get yourself a nice Tuscan bean salad while enjoying the lovely view. Though it is more of a restaurant, Ecco is still a nice for you to grab some food to go. And while you’re at it, enjoy some of the local artwork hanging on the walls. You never know as to what may catch your eye.

5. City Silo Table & Pantry - Creative, fun, and filled with lots of nutritious food options, City Silo Tale & Pantry, is a beautiful place to get whatever healthy dishes that you want at a reasonable price. And while you’re at it, try their fresh squeezed juices. You may like them better than what you get at your local grocery store.

6. Cheffie’s Cafe - Located on High Point Terrace close to the beautiful Memphis Botanic Gardens, Cheffie’s Cafe is a great place to treat yourself to either a nice, custom-made salad or sandwich on a hot summer day. It is also an excellent place for you to have that final report done for the big, bad boss the next day while enjoying a nice cup of gelato.

So what are you waiting for, folks? Are you ready to give any of these healthy fast food meal restaurants options a try? You might like one of them.